Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I very much appreciated the quick appointment as I was in considerable discomfort, needing a root canal. I was able to get in at 7:15 AM for an initial consultation and was offered a 3:00 PM appointment for a root canal procedure. Being able to be seen twice in one day came as a great, but welcome surprise to me. I was seen by Dr. Machado and his assistant Tammie and both were caring and concerned about my comfort throughout the procedure. Both also communicated what was happening as the procedure was taking place, which I also appreciated. I was quite impressed and mentioned this to both of them once the procedure was over. Thanks so much for the care and concern and the professional manner in which I was treated. I am grateful to have had this procedure done, and even though as I write this it was less than 24 hours ago, I feel much better and can tell that I am well on my way to full recovery.

- John M

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