Our Latest Patient Testimonial

My visit to Cherry Creek Endo was the most pleasant medical experience I've had. Dr. Morrison and Jasmine treated each other with courtesy and respect leaving no tension in the room whatsoever which made me as a patient feel immediately at ease. They were both patient, kind, and thoughtful in explaining what my treatment was to me and making me a decision maker in what they were doing as well. The entire staff was friendly and seemed happy to be at work - not exactly a common occurrence in many work places. No one looks forward to having to have a root canal, but my experience was purely enjoyable. Dr. Morrison and Jasmine made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure, reminding me that I should feel no discomfort and that they were motivated to make me comfortable. They both took the time to get to know me and establish goals of the procedure together. It seems ridiculous that I'd be raving about a root canal, but I didn't expect to be so blown away. I can't recommend them enough.

- Katrina B

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